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What is DIYblockchain ?

Blockgeeks is a blockchain technology centric educational, knowledge sharing and ecosystem development platform!

We offer:

Blockchain Training for individuals

Enterprise Training  and Consulting

Smart Contract Security Audits

Blockchain Guides and News

DIYblockchain has over 40+ Blockchain Programs with 5000+ Students Trained Globally .

Clink on the Login link at home page or use this link https://diyblockchain.co/login/ . You can use any of the social media accounts to login or register. You can also signup with your email address to access and register for the DIYblockchain Courses

The world is moving towards decentralizing and removing the middle person to save both resources and time.

At the core of this movement is Blockchain Technology. Blockchain technology is slated to be the most disruptive technology since the creation of the internet. The demand for Blockchain developers is rising exponentially as businesses embrace this technology.

Blockchain developers are in high demand and in scarce supply. By learning how to develop blockchain you are positioning yourself to be a leader at the forefront of this technological revolution. It will give you an edge over other programmers in the job market and set you up for a successful career path. The difference in salary between a developer and a blockchain developer can be as high as 20 percent.

Applications of blockchain have already been found in these industries:

    • Banking
    • Cybersecurity
    • Energy
    • Healthcare
    • Insurance
    • Music/Media
    • Research       
    • Retail
    • Real Estate
    • Supply Chain Management
    • Voting

Whether you hope to work with large corporations or plan to create your own consumer technology learning blockchain is an investment for your future!


Navid Nathoo, Executive Director TKS
DIYblockchian is the best resource for people who want to learn about cryptocurrencies and blockchain development. They have incredible custom content, the team is extremely knowledgable, and they are constantly keeping updated with the most recent trends in the space. Their courses are so well organized that I’ve seen 15 year olds build their own tokens and smart contracts by following DIYblockchain. So if it feels daunting, don’t worry, they make it easy.

Rikard Saqe, TKS Innovator, Blockchain Developer
I’ve been absolutely loving my DIYblockchain experience so far. They teach relevant skills in all aspects of the space from cryptoeconomics to developing smart contracts. You do not need any prior knowledge, and even if you are knowledgable already there is so much variety you will definitely have something to learn about. I would highly recommend to anyone interested on blockchain at any skill level!

Samarth Athreya, TKS Innovator, Blockchain Developer
Through the immersive hands-on experience DIYblockchain has provided for me with the courses, I am now able to confidently construct my very own decentralized applications and program solidity smart contracts with proficiency. The online courses were extremely useful and only made me more excited about Blockchain technology and its potential. The way the courses are constructed allows for me to understand the complex and simple concepts better which all adds up to helping me become a proficient developer. I highly recommend DIYblockchain to anyone who is looking for world class expertise and training for blockchain development.

Jeffrey Kippel

Being new to the crypto and blockchain world I found Intro to Cryptoeconomics and the Complete Bitcoin Courses to be a great resource of knowledge and starting place for those curious about this new industry and for those looking to get involved on a more professional level

Yes! We offer a 15% student discount to those in school  and we also offer those who are a part of the DIYblockchain exclusive access and pricing for different services.

We offer learning paths for developers of all experience. 

If you have no prior coding experience we recommend learning javascript first, with our Javascript Primer Series!

If you are interested in taking one of our Accelerated developer programs  then knowledge in 

OOP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Git is a required prerequisite. 

Learning tracks are a series of courses that our instructors have carefully curated to help students reach their goals! Whether you want to become an Ethereum expert or a Hyperledger pro there is a track for you!

Check out our Tracks!

How quickly you learn blockchain development depends on your prior knowledge and how much time you put in practicing. Our programs get coders with preexisting knowledge up to speed in just 5 weeks. Of course if you are still learning how to code it’ll take a little more time and practice. Our beginner level students usually spend 3 months going over the courses in the course library, before taking an advanced program.

If you have any questions or comments please contact us directly at [email protected]

 DIYblockchain offers both online courses and advanced Programs!

To check them out click the links below:

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